Thinking about separation or divorce


Are the meetings confidential?
Yes, the meetings are confidential, but if we are working with other professionals I will ask your permission to share any information that will help you with the process.
What if my partner doesn’t want to come?
We will be pleased to see you on your own. It might be that your partner can join the process later on, or see another Divorce Coach or Family Consultant and then we can work together.
What are the benefits of Family Consultancy or Divorce Coaching?
  • Improved communication between you, less tension and a firmer base for your future relationship
  • Create a workable parenting plan for care of the children
  • Enable you to have a clearer direction and more confidence for a better future
  • Enter the mediation or collaborative process better prepared
What are the benefits of Mediation?
  • Mediation promotes open and honest communication.
  • It is generally less expensive than going to court.
  • You, as the clients, set the agenda.
  • The focus is on the children, if you have them.
  • The meetings are face-to-face rather than conducted by exchanges of letters between your solicitors.
  • You can create long-lasting agreements
What can I talk about in Mediation?
Examples of what can be talked about in Mediation include
  • Living arrangements for children.
  • How the assets are divided.
  • Child support.
  • Children’s education and healthcare.
  • Holiday arrangements.
  • Effective communication between parents.
What are the benefits of Collaborative Practice?
  • Collaborative Practice promotes open and honest communication.
  • You set the agenda and the pace of the process.
  • Children will benefit, as it is possible to really focus on their needs.
  • There are possibilities for creative options that come about through working as a team.
  • It sets the scene for a good working relationship especially when you are going to continue as co-parents.
  • You are modelling something important for your children as to how differences can be resolved and how relationships can work even when in they are in difficulty.
How many meetings will I need?
It is difficult to answer this question; it depends very much on how complex your situation is and how well you and your partner work together.